Super Nice Guys

Session Summary - 03/16/14

The party is led to the quarry by Corporal Archibald. A small tent is pitched around the hole in one wall where the ruin has been discovered. At first it appears to be a single room with a closet, but they later uncover a secret passageway leading into a larger complex. In the closet they find a skeleton with a sign saying, “Return me to my master upon his reincarnation.” He also has a metal plate nailed to his back with the words “Property of Pentheus Furio” engraged on it. It was obviously installed while he was still alive. Feeling that the skeleton needed to be released from his curse and fearing Sgt. Pepper would kill him, the party attempts to dress him up as Aloysius. Unfortunately, the guards don’t fall for thsi plan and the skeleton ends up in the prison in Fort Haldole. They later find the skeleton’s bedroom and determine his name is Drof.

Deeper in the ruins, they zombies, skeletons, and an Allip, but are nearly overwhelmed by a swarm of spiders. In the final room, they find what is supposedly the corpse of Pentheus Furio, and there’s a grand display of magic intended to reincarnate him, but it ends with a fizzle. The party concludes the magic either failed or Pentheus has already been reincarnated. In the altar, they find a magic staff believed to have belonged to Pentheus, which they eventually give to Jafreese for “safe keeping.”



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