Super Nice Guys


Introduction & Character Creation

It’s been 10 years since the League of Unsavory Gentlemen banished the storm god, Indra, back to his home plane and reforged the seal around Midgard.

You are in jail in the city of Merrowhaven.

Dissatisfied with the notion of prisoners taking up valuable space in his already crowded dungeons and eating his valuable food (not to mention the extensive administrative expenses involved in running said dungeon), Merrowhaven’s wise and powerful ruler, Baron Henri Gaucher, devised an alternative solution. Prisoners whose offenses can be realistically forgiven (i.e. those who won’t be executed) are given the chance to earn their freedom. You see, the baron has this little goblin problem…

The goblins of Humbolt Hills were beaten into submission long ago, so they pose no true threat to the security of the provinces, but they also reproduce like nymphomaniac bunny rabbits. As such, the problem never truly goes away. They frequently raid towns and farms on Baron Gaucher’s eastern lands. The problem is below the attention of his valuable Solari, and maintaining a standing militia to deal with the problem – well, that’s even more expensive than running a prison! As you can probably tell by now, Baron Gaucher is a somewhat frugal person.

Hence the Work4Freedom program was established, whereby prisoners are released from jail and given the opportunity to earn their freedom by assisting in the various goblin raids in Humbolt Hills. After one year of service, they are declared free, with all of their transgressions forgiven. In some cases of exceptional service, prisoners earn their freedom even sooner.

This is the situation in which you find yourselves. You and your fellow party members are part of the latest group of prisoners released into the Work4Freedom program. You will all be traveling to Haldole, a small city on the edge of Humbolt Hills at the border between Suncoast and The Vale. There you will report to Sergeant Randall Pepper, who will instruct you as to your further duties.



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