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I am not a vegetarian druid, by the way.

Ann, on why she’s not opposed to furs

The only thing you’ve done with my dungeon is poop in it!

Dungeon Mike

Can Nel-sun use a shuriken?

Edmond (Cyrus)

This Prego’s on fire!

Ragu (Andre)

You have an ant problem, my friend.

Ragu (Andre) to Lord Darkclaw

Mike: " Prego wants to masturbate. We have to have a roll-off."
Cyrus: “Shouldn’t that be a whack-off?”

It’s a wagon full of mind-your-own-goddamn-business.

Edmund (Cyrus)

“Anything is possible, Febreeze!”

Ragu (Andre)

“[Lord] Cockwad’s probably going to get off!”

Ragu (Andre)

“Cockwad is clean”

Ragu (Andre)

“I rolled a 16 so I’m eating a butthole tonight.”

Prego & Ragu on getting it on with the Vecna priestess

Tell me, or I’ll rip our dick off!”

Ragu (Andre) to Prego

Some druids just want to watch the world burn.

Helena (Ann)

“Clearly, this bloody, naked chick needs medical attention.” — Ragu (Andre)
“And, a big cock!” — Dungeon Mike

I would not have expected Helena to be the Master Shake of the Party…


“I have LISTEN, so I’m a good listener, ladies…” — Andre
“And a great cuddler…” — Cyrus

I’m sorry, I don’t know who I’m fucking…

Helena (Ann)

“We need to leave Texas, not America!” — Cyrus

“A mage named kevlar would be ironical” — Dungeon Mike

“Wait, I thought a butt was a crotch…” — Dungeon Mike

“This is the worst group I’ve played D&D with.” — Matt

“Get that swirl going!” — Andre

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